We Walk. We Ride. We Vote.

We want all Miami residents and visitors to have safe, reliable options for getting around.  Whether we're walking, biking or using transit, Miami's future looks brighter when great transportation choices are in the picture.


We <3 Transportation Options.

We are a non-partisan, political advocacy group in support of elected officials, policies and candidates that prioritize robust transportation options in Miami-Dade County.

TrAC is a unified citizen voice that seeks expansion of pedestrian, bike and public transportation options and improvements to the quality and safety of our existing transportation choices.  


It's all about priorities.

And there's really only one priority that matters:  people.

          This is what that looks like:

  • Ensuring all pedestrian walkways are safe and accessible

  • Providing safe, well-connected bike paths 

  • Building a public transit network that is reliable and efficient

  • Designing street that are safe for all users


Want to learn more about the decision making process behind Miami-Dade County's transportation system?  Check out this short video, compliments of The Miami Foundation, Our Miami program.